120+ Fruits Name in Malayalam and English | പഴങ്ങളുടെ പേര്.

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Welcome to the comprehensive guide of 120+ fruits name in Malayalam and English. This friendly and engaging post is written for a wide range of audiences, so students who wish to broaden their language skills might find it helpful.

fruits name in Malayalam and English with beautiful fruits pictures in white background

This list will satisfy your curiosity about fruit in Malayalam, as well as your desire to learn more about the language and learn about Kerala’s wide range of fruits.

Let’s, explore the diverse, colorful world of fruits having Malayalam names and their English names with beautiful pictures!


Malayalam is one of four Dravidian languages spoken largely in Kerala, India’s southern state. Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu are the other three languages.

It is widely spoken by millions of people, most of them residing in the Indian state of Kerala.

Other states of India that speak Malayalam are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Puducherry.

Malayalam language in gradient background

Malayalam had around 35.5 million speakers in India as of 2011, with large speaker populations in the UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Oman, the United States, Qatar, and Australia.

Malayalam is considered a classical language of India and has a long history dating back to the 9th-century വട്ടെഴുത്ത് (Vattezhuthu) script.

On the cultural front, Malayalis, or those who speak Malayalam, have a rich and diversified cultural legacy.

This is reflected in their vibrant festivals, traditional dance forms like Kathakali and Mohiniyattam, the martial art form Kalaripayattu, and a deep-rooted practice of Ayurvedic medicine.

In Kerala, fruits have a major cultural and traditional value. Numerous facets of culture, tradition, and daily life are represented by diverse fruits. For example, the coconut is considered a sign of fertility and prosperity.

The jackfruit is the official fruit of Kerala and signifies self-sufficiency as it can be used from root to fruit.

In the traditional ceremonies of Kerala, fruits play major roles. In fact, the Malayalam New Year or ‘Vishu’ is welcomed by a ritualistic preparation of ‘Vishukkani’ – a platter filled with seasonal fruits, vegetables, grains, and coins, symbolizing abundance and prosperity for the year ahead.

Harnessing knowledge of the diverse fruits name in Malayalam not only enriches language skills but can also pave the way to a deeper understanding of the vibrant culture and rich traditions of Kerala.

Fruits in Malayalam:

Fruitsപഴം (pazham or falam)

Let’s start our exploration of fruits name in Malayalam with some of the commonly known fruits:

List of fruits name in Malayalam and English:

single Apple image

English: Apple
Malayalam: ആപ്പിൾ (aappil)

Alphonso Mango image

English: Alphonso Mango
Malayalam: അൽഫോൻസാ മാമ്പഴം (alfonsaa maambazham)

Almond nuts in white background

English: Almond
Malayalam: ബദാം (badaam)

Single Apricot image

English: Apricot
Malayalam: ആപ്രിക്കോട്ട് (aaprikkaaattu)

sliced Avocado fruit image

English: Avocado, Butter fruit
Kannda: വെണ്ണപ്പഴം (vennappazham)

Single Banana image

English: Banana
Malayalam: വാഴപ്പഴം (vaazhappazham)

Barberry fruit in white background image

English: Barberry
Malayalam: ബാർബെറി (baarberi)

single Ber fruit image

English: Indian Jujube/Ber
Malayalam: ചീരപ്പഴം (cheerappazham)

Blackberry fruit image

English: Blackberry
Malayalam: ബ്ലാക്ക്‌ബെറി (blaakkberi)

Blackcurrant fruit image

English: Blackcurrant
Malayalam: കരുന്തിരത്കായ് (karunthirathkaay)

half sliced black plum in white background image

English: Black plum
Malayalam: കറുത്ത പ്ലം (karutha plam)

Blueberry fruit image

English: Blueberry
Malayalam: ഞാവൽപഴം (njaavalpazham)

Breadfruit image with white background

English: Breadfruit
Malayalam: ബ്രെഡ്ഫ്രൂട്ട് (bradfroottu)

Eggfruit in white background

English: Eggfruit/ Canistel
Malayalam: മുട്ടപ്പഴം (muttappazhamu)

Cashew apple in white background image

English: Cashew apple
Malayalam: കശുവണ്ടിപ്പഴം (kashuvandippazham)

group of cashew in white background

English: Cashews
Malayalam: കശുവണ്ടി (kashuvandi)

group of cherry fruit in white background image

English: Cherry
Malayalam: ചെറി (cheri)

single cloudberry in white background

English: Cloudberry
Malayalam: ക്ലൗഡ്ബെറി (claudberi)

Coconut in white background image

English: Coconut
Malayalam: നാളികേരം (naalikeram)

bunch of Cranberry in white background image

English: Cranberry
Malayalam: ക്രാൻബെറി (craanberi)

cucumber in white background image

English: Cucmber
Malayalam: വെള്ളരിക്ക (vellarikka)

custard apple in white background image

English: Custard Apple
Malayalam: സീറ്റാപാൻ (seettaapaan)

few dates on white background image

English: Dates
Malayalam: തീയതികൾ (theeyathikal)

Dragon fruit on white background image

English: Dragon fruit
Malayalam: ഡ്രാഗൺ ഫ്രൂട്ട് (draagan froottu)

Quarter cut Durian Fruit image

English: Durian
Malayalam: ദുരിയാൻ (duriyaan)

Elephant Apple in white background

English: Elephant Apple
Malayalam: ആന ആപ്പിൾ (aana aappil)

feijoa fruits with leaves on white background

English: Feijoa/Pineapple Guava
Malayalam: ഫിജോവ (fizova),

two Fig fruits in white background image

English: Fig
Malayalam: അത്തിപ്പഴം (athippazham)

single amla image

English: Gooseberry/ Amla
Malayalam: നെല്ലിക്ക (nellikka)

Green grapes in white background image

English: Grapes
Malayalam: മുന്തിരി (munthiri)

Group Grewia Asiatica in white background image

English: Grewia Asiatica/ Phalsa
Malayalam: ഫാൽസ (faalsa)

heap of shelled Groundnut in white background

English: Groundnut
Malayalam: നിലക്കടല (nilakkadala)

sliced Guava in white background image

English: Guava
Malayalam: പേരക്ക (perakka)

heap of Honeyberry in white background

English: Honeyberry
Malayalam: ഹണിബെറി (honyberi)

one peeled with full Nungu or Ice apple in white background

English: Ice Apple/Nungu
Malayalam: പനം നൊങ്ക് (panam nonku)

jackfruit in white background image

English: Jackfruit
Malayalam: ചക്ക (chakka)

Kadamba fruit with leaf in white background image

English: Kadamba Fruit
Malayalam: കദംബ പഴം (kadamba pazham)

single Kiwano fruit in white background

English: Kiwano
Malayalam: കിവാനോ (kivaano)

sliced into two half kiwi in white background image

English: Kiwi
Malayalam: കിവി (kivi)

Two half sliced lemon in white background image

English: Lemon
Malayalam: നാരങ്ങ (naaranga)

single lime in white background image

English: Lime
Malayalam: നാരങ്ങ (naaranga)

one peeled and group of Litchi in white background image

English: lychee
Malayalam: ലിച്ചി (lichi)

$fruits of Longan in which ones is peeled showing its seed in a white background image

English: Longan
Malayalam: പൊരിപ്പുന്ന (porippunna)

one half sliced Loquat fruit in white background image

English: Loquat
Malayalam: ലോക്വാട്ട് (lokwattu)

three mahua fruits in white background image

English: Mahua/Buttercup 
Malayalam: വെണ്ണക്കപ്പ് (vennakkappu)

Half sliced with two Malta Fruit in white background

English: malta fruit
Malayalam: മാൾട്ട ഫലം (maalta falam)

peeled Mandarin fruit image

English: Mandarin
Malayalam: മന്ദാരിൻ ഓറഞ്ച് (Mandarin orange)

single mango in white background image

English: Mango
Malayalam: മാമ്പഴം (maambazham)

Three maingosteen fruits on white background image

English: Mangosteen
Malayalam: മാംഗോസ്റ്റിൻ (maamgostin)

group of miracle berry in white background

English: Miracle Fruit
Malayalam: അത്ഭുത ഫലം (athbutha falam)

sliced monkey fruits in white background image

English: Monkey Fruit
Malayalam: കുരങ്ങൻ ഫലം (kurangan falam)

monk fruit has braked into half with two monk fruit in a white background image

English: Monk Fruit
Malayalam: സന്യാസി ഫലം (sanyaasi falam)

group of Mulberry fruits in white background image

English: Mulberry
Malayalam: മൾബറി (mulbari)

single Muskmelon in white background

English: Muskmelon/ Cantaloupe
Malayalam: കസ്തൂരിമത്തൻ (കസ്തൂരിമത്തൻ)

group of Nance fruit in white background

English: Nance Fruit/ hogberry
Malayalam: ഹോഗ് ബെറി (hog beri)

bunch of olive fruits in white background

English: Olive Fruit
Malayalam: ഒലിവ് (olivu)

one half sliced orange in white background

English: Orange
Malayalam: ഓറഞ്ച് (oranju)

half sliced with one full Papaya in white background

English: Papaya
Malayalam: പപ്പായ (pappaaya)

half sliced with one full passion fruit in white background

English: Passion fruit
Malayalam: പാഷൻ ഫ്രൂട്ട് (paashan froottu)

peach with leaf in white background

English: Peach
Malayalam: പീച്ച് (peechu)

sliced with whole pear in white background

English: Pear
Malayalam: പിയർ (piyar)

whole Persimmon fruit in white background

English: Persimmon
Malayalam: പെർസിമോൺ (persimon)

one piece with full pineapple in white background

English: Pineapple
Malayalam: പൈനാപ്പിൾ (painaappil)

bunch of Pistachio in white background

English: Pistachio
Malayalam: പിസ്ത (Pistā)

one sliced into two half and other full two plums in white background page

English: Plum
Malayalam: പ്ലം (plam)

peeled half with one full pomegranate in white background

English: Pomegranate
Malayalam: മാതളനാരകം (maathalanaarakam)

one piece with full Pomelo fruit in white background

English: Pomelo/ Grapefruit
Malayalam: ബാബ്ലൂസ് ഓറഞ്ച് (Bablus Narangya), പോമെലോ (poomelo)

group of Quince in white background

English: Quince
Malayalam: ക്വിൻസ് (quins)

group of Raisins in white background

English: Raisins
Malayalam: ഉണക്കമുന്തിരി (unakkamunthiri)

Three Raspberry fruits with leaves in white background

English: Raspberry
Malayalam: റാസ്ബെറി (raasberi)

group of red banana in white background

English: Red Banana
Malayalam: ചുവന്ന വാഴപ്പഴം (chuvanna vaazhappazham)

half sliced Rose Apple with full one in white background

English: Rose Apple
Malayalam: റോസ് ആപ്പിൾ (ros aappil)

single salak fruit in white background

English: Snake Fruit/Salak
Malayalam: പാമ്പ് ഫലം (paambu falam)

half sliced with one full sapota in white background

English: Sapodilla
Malayalam: സപ്പോട്ട (Sapōṭā)

Star fruit with sliced into three piece in white background image

English: Star fruit
Malayalam: നക്ഷത്രഫലം (nakshathrafalam)

Three Strawberry in white background image

English: Strawberry
Malayalam: ഞാവൽപ്പഴം (njaavalppazham)

group of sugarcane in white background

English: Sugarcane
Malayalam: കരിമ്പ് (karimbu)

sweet lime in white background image

English: Sweet lime
Malayalam: മധുര നാരങ്ങ (madura naaranga)

two sweet potato in white background image

English: Sweet Potato
Malayalam: മധുരക്കിഴങ്ങ് (madurakkizhangu)

inner side part of Tamarind in white background image

English: Tamarind
Malayalam: പുളി (puli)


English: Walnut
Malayalam: വാൽനട്ട് (vaalnattu)

half sliced Water chestnut in white background image

English: Water-chestnut
Malayalam: വെള്ളം-ചെസ്റ്റ്നട്ട് (vellam-chestnattu)

half sliced Watermelon with one full Watermelon image

English: Watermelon
Malayalam: തണ്ണിമത്തൻ (thannimathan)

white berries in white background image

English: White berries
Malayalam: വെളുത്ത സരസഫലങ്ങൾ (velutha sarasafalangal)

two half sliced wood apple with two full wood apple image

English: Wood apple
Malayalam: മരം ആപ്പിൾ (maram aappil)

To know about the fruits name in Malayalam check the video below 👇

Types of Fruits in Malayalam:

  • Tropical Fruits (ഉഷ്ണമേഖലാ പഴങ്ങൾ)
  • Berry Fruits (ബെറി പഴങ്ങൾ)
  • Nut Fruits (നട്ട് പഴങ്ങൾ)
  • Citrus Fruits (സിട്രസ് പഴങ്ങൾ)
  • Stone Fruits (കല്ല് പഴങ്ങൾ)
  • Exotic Fruits (വിദേശ പഴങ്ങൾ)
  • Miscellaneous Fruits (പലതരം പഴങ്ങൾ)

Rare and Exotic Fruits in Malayalam:

Here are some of the names of rare and exotic fruits in Malayalam:

Rare and Exotic Fruits surrounded by leaves

ഡ്രാഗൺ ഫ്രൂട്ട് (Dragon Fruit): Physical structure similar to a soft pink dragon egg, you’d half expect a baby dragon to pop out when sliced. In reality, you get a juicy, apple-pear cross with a peppering of soft, crunchy seeds, which are edible!

അവോക്കാഡൊ (Avocado): Also known as butter fruit, widely loved for its versatility. It can either create a creamy chocolate mousse or be the shining star in your tacos!

കിവി (Kiwi): It looks like a spherical, fuzzy fruit with a bright green inside that is sprinkled with small black seeds. It’s also tasty and acidic.

ബ്ലൂബെറി (Blueberry): These small little, incredibly sweet berries are high in antioxidants. Add them to your pancakes for a nutritious and flavorful morning.

ദുരിയൻ (Durian): Called the ‘King of Fruits’, Durian is adored by some and loathed by others.

Traditional Malayalam Fruit Dishes:

In Kerala, fruits are also used to prepare traditional dishes:

Traditional Malayalam Fruit Dishes

Jackfruit – ചക്ക (Chakka):

“Chakka,” or jackfruit, is a versatile fruit used in various savory and sweet dishes in Kerala cuisine.

Banana – വാഴപ്പഴം (vaazhappazham):

“vaazhappazham,” or raw banana, is used to prepare delicious chips and traditional curries.


what is Pomelo called in Malayalam?

It is called as ബാബ്ലൂസ് ഓറഞ്ച് (Bablus Narangya) or പോമെലോ (poomelo)

What is the Malayalam name of the fruit?

The common word used for “fruit” in Malayalam is “പഴം” (pronounced “pazham”). This term is frequently used to describe various kinds of fruits. example: star fruit (nakshathrapazham).

What is Kerala’s famous fruit?

The “Jackfruit” is Kerala’s most popular fruit. It is a big, spiky, green fruit with a distinctively sweet, tropical flavor. In addition to being tasty, jackfruit is a flexible part that may be utilized in a variety of meals, both ripe and unripe. In Kerala, India, it has considerable cultural and culinary significance.

What is the Malayalam name of dates fruit?

Dates are referred to as “തീയതികൾ” (pronounced “theeyathikal”) in Malayalam.


These 120+ fruits name in Malayalam and English, ranging from Apples to Watermelon, provide a detailed knowledge of Kerala’s rich language and cultural heritage.

Knowing these names will increase your vocabulary and pronunciation of fruits in Malayalam with the help of the English translation provided above check the Youtube video for the proper pronunciation.

Additionally, learning a language might be difficult, but don’t worry; our website is here to assist.

Knowledge of fruits in another language can mainly come in handy while traveling, ensuring that you can navigate local markets and menus like a pro; after all, fruit is a universal food and language of health.

In our increasingly globalized world, cultivable knowledge like this equips you with an understanding of the diversities that make our planet so wonderfully vibrant.

We hope that you’ve not only learned new fruits names but also embraced a slice of Kerala’s rich culture and heritage. As you savor these fruits’ sweet, tangy, and tart tastes, you’ll also be tasting Kerala’s rich history and diverse geography.

So, the next time you come across these fruits, impress your friends by calling them by their Malayalam names! Happy learning, and as they say in Malayalam, ‘ആശംസകൾ’ (wishes)!

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