70+ Vegetables Name in Marathi and English with Beautiful Pictures.

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Hey there, curious minds! Today, we’re heading out on a vibrant trip through the world of veggies present in the Marathi language. And guess what? We’re accomplishing it in two languages: English and Marathi! 

Knowing the names of vegetables in Marathi is not only fun but also the key to discovering the garden of knowledge. Trust me on this: you will love it whether you’re a young student or a kid.

Marathi is a culturally rich language of Maharashtra in India. In fact, the best way of learning about a particular culture is by their food, for goodness’ sake! Vegetables are essential parts of Marathi cuisine, and knowing English and Marathi is like having a key that opens the way to the world of delicious recipes and exciting stories.

Today, we are going to explore the Marathi names of vegetables. We include the common veggies in most kitchens and rare and exotic varieties. You’re in for a real treat if you’re an aspiring cook, an enthusiastic student, or enjoy discovering new things.

Join me as we explore the names of vegetables in Marathi and English. Get ready to learn some terms and add them to your vocabulary and more exciting information that amazes you.

Why Learn Vegetable Names in Marathi?

Hey, young explorers! But first, you could ask. Why do you have to learn vegetables name in Marathi? Because it is more thrilling than you think. But before learning vegetables in Marathi, understand that it’s more than memorizing words. It is a fascinating way into a color, taste, and adventure world.

  1. Connect with Culture: Rich traditions are present in the Marathi language, which is why millions of people speak it. However, they also don’t entirely know the culture hidden in it. Learning the vegetables name in Marathi will uniquely make you part of the society. That’s like being in a secret club and knowing something groovy that others don’t.
  2. Boost Your Brain Power: Your brain exercises by learning new words in another language. It becomes more potent and sharper. That would be quite something to leave everyone wondering how you managed to memorize so many details about Marathi vegetables!
  3. Explore New Recipes: Did you notice a delectable meal and its contents? You probably need to be made aware of the vegetables used in many delicious recipes. By that time, when their names are learned in Marathi, you may have an opportunity to try them out or cook together.
  4. Fun with Friends: This is like naming vegetables in a play involving two languages. How fun would that be? Learning will become a playful activity where you can show your friends how to say various vegetables name in Marathi and English.
  5. Appreciate Nature’s Diversity: Knowledge of vegetables makes us value the immense diversity in nature equally. Each vegetable’s shape, color, and flavor are unique. It is equivalent to how nature paints its masterpiece, and you discover everything about it.

Therefore, buddies, we learn about the vegetables in Marathi and also experience their adventures, culture, and fun. Let’s have an open mind and a willing heart, shall we?

List of Vegetables name in Marathi and English

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Before learning vegetable names let’s start with what vegetables and leaves are called in the Marathi language:

Vegetablesभाजीपाला (Bhājīpālā)
Leavesपाने (Pānē)

This list is like a rainbow of veggies, each with its unique name in both languages. It’s perfect for students from 1st to 5th grade, easy to understand, and super fun to learn.

artichokes in white background

English: Artichoke.
Marathi: आटिचोक (Āṭicōka)

wax gourd in white background

English: Ash gourd, wax gourd, winter melon.
Marathi: कोहळा (kohala)

bitter gourd in white background

English: Bitter gourd
Marathi: कारले (karale )

Bottle gourd in white background

English: Bottle gourd
Marathi: दूधी (Dudhi)/ दूधी भोपळा (Dudhi Bhopala)

brinjal in white background

English: Brinjal (Eggplant)
Marathi: वांगे (Vamge)

Broad beans in white background

English: Broad beans
Marathi: वाल पापडी (Vai papadi), घेवडा
(Ghevada )

Broccoli in white background

English: Broccoli
Marathi: ब्रोकोली (Brōkōlī)

Cabbage in White background

English: Cabbage
Marathi: कोबी (Kobi )

Capsicum in White background

English: Capsicum, Bell pepper
Marathi: सिमला मिर्ची (Simala Mirchi ), ढोबळी मिर्ची (Dhobali Mirchi), ढब्बू मिर्ची ( Dhabbu Mirchi )

Carrot in white background

English: Carrot
Marathi: गाजर (Gajar )

Cauliflower in white background

English: Cauliflower
Marathi: फ्लॉवर (Phl Ovar), फुलकोबी(Phulakobi)

Cluster beans in white background

English: Cluster beans
Marathi: गवार (Gavar )

Colocasia in white background

English: Colocasia (Taro root)
Marathi: कोलोकेशिया (Kōlōkēśiyā)

Coriander leaves in white background

English: Coriander leaves
Marathi: कोथिंबिर (Kothimbir )

Corn in white background

English: Corn
Marathi: मका (Maka )

Cucumber in white background

English: Cucumber
Marathi: काकडी (Kakadi )

Curry leaves in white background

English: Curry leaves
Marathi: कढीपत्ता (Kaḍhīpattā)

Drumstick in white background

English: Drumstick
Marathi: शेवग्याची शेंग (Shevagyachi Shemg )

Fenugreek leaves in white background

English: Fenugreek leaves
Marathi: मेथी (Methi)

Garlic in white background

English: Garlic
Marathi: लसूण (Lasun)

Ginger in white background

English: Ginger
Marathi: आले (Ale)

Green chili in white background

English: Green chili
Marathi: हिरवी मिरची (Hiravi Mirachi )

French beans in white background

English: Green peas
Marathi: वाटाणा (Vatana)

Ivy gourd in white background

English: Ivy gourd
Marathi: तोंडले (Tomdale )

Kale in white background

English: Kale
Marathi: काळे (Kaḷe)

Knol khol in white background

English: Knol khol
Marathi: नवलकोल (Navalakola)

Lady's finger in white background

English: Lady’s finger (Okra)
Marathi: भेंडी (Bhemdi)

Mint leaves in white background

English: Mint leaves
Marathi: पुदिना (Pudina)

Mushroom in white background

English: Mushroom
Marathi: अळंबी (Alambi )

Mustard greens in white background

English: Mustard leaves
Marathi: मोहरीची पाने (Moharici pane)

Onion in white background

English: Onion
Marathi: कांदा (Kamda)

Potato in white background

English: Potato
Marathi: बटाटा (Batata)

Pumpkin in white background

English: Pumpkin
Marathi: भोपळा (Bhopala)

Radish in white background

English: Radish
Marathi: मुळा (mula)

Ridge gourd in white background

English: Ridge gourd
Marathi: दोडका (Dodaka)

Snake gourd in white background

English: Snake gourd
Marathi: सर्पमित्र (Sarpamitra)

Spring onion in white background

English: Spring onion
Marathi: स्प्रिंग कांदा (Spriṅga kāndā)

Sweet potato in white background

English: Sweet potato
Marathi: रताळे (Ratale)

Tomato in white background

English: Tomato
Marathi: टोमॅटो (Tometo)

Turmeric in white background

English: Turmeric
Marathi: हळद (Haḷada)

Turnip in white background

English: Turnip
Marathi: सलगम (Salagama)

Banana flower in white background

English: Banana flower
Marathi: केळीचे फूल (Kelice phula)

Banana stem in white background

English: Banana stem
Marathi: केळी स्टेम (Keli stema)

Beetroot in white background

English: Beetroot
Marathi: बीट (Beet)

Cabbage leaves in white background

English: Cabbage leaves
Marathi: कोबी पाने (Kobi pane)

Carrot greens in white background

English: Carrot leaves
Marathi: गाजर पाने (Gajara pane)

Cauliflower leaves

English: Cauliflower leaves
Marathi: फुलकोबीची पाने (Phulakobici pane)

Colocasia leaves

English: Colocasia leaves
Marathi: अळूचे पान (Aluche Pan )

Drumstick leaves in white background

English: Drumstick leaves
Marathi: ड्रमस्टिक पाने (Ḍramastika pane)

Papaya leaves in white background

English: Papaya leaves
Marathi: पपईची पाने (Papaici pane)

Red chili in white background

English: Red chili
Marathi: लाल मिरची (Lala miraci)

Yam in white background

English: Yam
Marathi: सुरण (Suran )

To know about the vegetables name in Marathi check the video below 👇

Types of Vegetables in Marathi:

  • Fruit vegetables (फळ भाज्या)
  • cruciferous vegetables (क्रूसिफेरस भाज्या)
  • marrow vegetables (मज्जा भाज्या)
  • Leafy vegetables (पालेभाज्या)
  • Stem vegetables (स्टेम भाज्या)
  • Root vegetables (रूट भाज्या)

Isn’t this list amazing? And you have now learned the names and types of vegetables in Marathi and English for common veggies you know. They are not just names but bridges that help you understand and expand your language skills. Take note of this, call them often, and let your language burst like fresh vegetation in a healthful garden!

Now, we move on to some popular vegetables and their uses in Marathi dishes. The food is not just tasty; it tells stories, carries traditions, and brings people together. And guess what? The lead actor in this delectable drama is Vegetables.

Here are some popular vegetables and their significance in Marathi cuisine:

Potato (बटाटा – Baṭāṭā): This veggie is a superstar in Marathi kitchens. Used in everything from spicy curries to comforting snacks, potatoes are like the best buddies of Marathi chefs.

Onion (कांदा – Kāndā): Chopped onions are almost a requirement for any Marathi dish. They add a peculiar sweetness and crunchiness to curries and snacks. What is surprising is that it makes these people beloved!

Brinjal (वांगे – Vāṅge): The most important one that makes ‘Bharli Vangi’ so popular is an ingredient called brinjal, which has a distinctive taste, which differs from other ingredients used. It is a vegetation that adds magic to a dish.

Okra (Lady’s Finger) (भेंडी – Bheṇḍī): Okra in Marathi food does not merely denote a vegetable; it’s an art piece! It is applied in various delicious forms, such as crispy fries and tangy curries.

Drumstick (शेवगा – Shevagā): While this may seem odd, Marathi munchies on those sticks of drum sticks are super-secret weapons. ‘Sambar’ can rarely be complete without them giving it a new taste plus rich minerals.

What makes them unique among other vegetables? However, they are more than that. They are the hearts of the Marathi culture. These vegetables link us with the soil, the farmers, and hundreds of years of civilization. It is like traveling along history while eating each bite.

Therefore, the next time you bite these vegetables, remember that you are not simply consuming. You are tasting; you are feeling for yourself stories, traditions, and the love that make Marathi food so special.

Rare and Exotic Vegetables Name in Marathi

Are you ready to find some rare vegetables in Marathi? It is more like opening a treasury full of diverse and colorful vegetables, starting with the carrot and peas dish. This dish is not ordinary; these delicious vegetables enhance Marathi’s marvelous taste. Let’s learn about them!

Here are some rare and exotic vegetable names in Marathi:

Kohlrabi (कोहळराबी – Kohaḷarābī): This round, green veggie looks like a UFO! It’s crispy and tasty, ideal for salads and stir-fry.

Bitter Gourd (कारले – Kārle): Okay, it’s a bit bitter, but it’s a superhero for your health! Its taste is uncommon and healthy; hence, it is mainly added to Marathi meals.

Tindora (तोंडली – Toṇḍalī): Small and green, these veggies look like baby cucumbers. Those are crispy, delicious, and commonly flavored to make a nice meal.

Snake Gourd (पडवळ – Paḍavaḷ): Long and curvy, this veggie looks like a snake! In soups and curries, it has a unique taste and texture.

Ridge Gourd (दोडका – Doḍakā): This veggie has a cool ridged texture. It is soft, tasty, and usually used to prepare good-smelling Marathi cuisine.

What is it about these veggies that make them so cool? They are something like little treasures in the world of food cuisine. They tell us that there are many other things to discover and savor. Each of these veggies is not just rare; it’s a little piece of nature’s vast and wonderful puzzle.

So, next time you hear these exotic vegetables name in Marathi, remember you’re learning about the rare treasures of the earth. It’s all about exploring, tasting, and enjoying the diversity of our planet. Keep your curiosity alive, and who knows what other amazing veggies you’ll discover! 


What’s the easiest way to remember vegetable names in Marathi?

Well, the best way is to use them! Try naming the veggies in Marathi when you see them at home or the market. Making flashcards or playing matching games with friends also helps.

Can learning veggies in Marathi help me in school?

You bet! It boosts your memory, teaches you a new language, and makes you more aware of different cultures. And knowing something your classmates may not Makes it extra fun!

Why are some vegetable names different in Marathi?

Every language names things in its own way. Marathi names often show Maharashtra’s culture and history, which makes learning them memorable.

Are there any fun ways to learn Marathi vegetable names?

Lots! You can draw and label veggies in Marathi and English. Playing “Veggie Bingo” or “Name That Veggie” with family and friends is super fun too.

How can this veggie name knowledge help in real life?

Knowing the names is excellent for cooking, shopping at the market, or starting a garden. It’s also a perfect way to wow your friends with your Marathi skills!

Do you need help learning vegetable names in Marathi?

Not at all! Like learning anything new, it just takes some practice. But with fun activities, it becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Can I teach my friends and family veggies in Marathi?

Sure! Teaching others helps you remember what you learned. Plus, it’s a fun activity to do as a group!


We are almost done! I hope you enjoyed the journey for vegetable names in Marathi, and we, too! Please note that even a simple potato or an extravagant kohlrabi is unique in taste and tale.

What did we learn today? We found many vegetables and their names in Marathi and English. Why is it cool to know vegetables in Marathi, whether you like yummy Marathi foodstuffs or enjoy learning new stuff? Additionally, we came across rare and incredible vegetables apart from those tasty ones that can be discovered even in the soil.

Why is this important? Knowing the vegetables name in Marathi is essential for more than just an issue of spoken language. It makes us understand that mother nature is rich in variety and that each culture is necessary. Plus, it’s super fun!

Therefore, explore, learn, and especially love this wonderful vegetable kingdom. These names might always be handy in the kitchen, at the market, or while playing a card game. And who knows? Why not, on one day or another, you will produce your vegetable dish named after your surname?

We thank you for participating in a beautiful journey full of vegetables. Keep asking questions, continue seeking knowledge, and pay attention to vegetables.

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