60+ Vegetables Name in Telugu and English | తెలుగులో కూరగాయల పేరు.

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Hello everyone, in this post, we will learn about the 60+ vegetables name in Telugu and English. Have you ever tried to identify a vegetable at the market or while exploring New recipes? Knowing the names of vegetables in multiple languages is crucial because it enriches your knowledge.

Why do you want to Learn vegetables name in Telugu?

To begin with, why do we want to know the names of the vegetables in English, especially in the Telugu language? We first need to narrow it down to learn the Telugu language. In 2022, there were over 96 million native speakers across the Indian States, including Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, and Telangana. 

Therefore, it is essential to learn the various names of different vegetables in Telugu because most people in the southern states speak Telugu. This will enable you to interact with Telugu speakers and know more about the Southern Indian culture and cuisine.

List of Vegetables names in Telugu and English

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Before learning vegetable names let’s start with what vegetables and leaves are called in the Telugu language:

Vegetablesभाजीपाला (Bhājīpālā)
Leavesपाने (Pānē)

Also, we have arranged the vegetables name in Telugu and English names in alphabetical order so that you can easily remember the words. Also, we have included the Telugu translation in English.

artichokes in white background

English: Artichoke.
Telugu: చాటిచోక (Chatichoka)

wax gourd in white background

English: Ash gourd, wax gourd, winter melon.
Telugu: బూడిద గుమ్మడి (Budida gummadi)

bitter gourd in white background

English: Bitter gourd
Telugu: కాకరకాయ (kakarakaya)

Bottle gourd in white background

English: Bottle gourd
Telugu: సొరకాయ (sorakaya)

brinjal in white background

English: Brinjal, Eggplant
Telugu: వంకాయ (Vankaya)

Broad beans in white background

English: Broad beans
Telugu: చిక్కుడు కాయ (Chikkudu Kaya)

Broccoli in white background

English: Broccoli
Telugu: బ్రోకలీ (Brokoli)

Cabbage in White background

English: Cabbage
Telugu: క్యాబేజీని (kyabejini)

Capsicum in White background

English: Capsicum, Bell pepper
Telugu: గొడుగు మిరప (godugu mirapa)

Carrot in white background

English: Carrot
Telugu: కారెట్ (karet)

Cauliflower in white background

English: Cauliflower
Telugu: కాలీఫ్లవర్ (Kaliphlavar)

Cluster beans in white background

English: Cluster beans
Telugu: క్లస్టర్ బీన్స్ (klastar bins)

Colocasia in white background

English: Colocasia, Taro root
Telugu: చామగడ్డ (Chamagadda)

Coriander leaves in white background

English: Coriander leaves
Telugu: కొత్తిమీర ఆకులు (Kottimira akulu)

Corn in white background

English: Corn
Telugu: మొక్క జొన్న (Mokka jonna)

Cucumber in white background

English: Cucumber
Telugu: దోసకాయ (dosakaya)

Curry leaves in white background

English: Curry leaves
Telugu: కరివేపాకు (Karivepaku)

Drumstick in white background

English: Drumstick
Telugu: ములక్కాయ (Mulakkaaya)

Fenugreek leaves in white background

English: Fenugreek leaves
Telugu: మెంతి కూర (Menthi kura)

Garlic in white background

English: Garlic
Telugu: వెల్లుల్లి (Vellulli)

Ginger in white background

English: Ginger
Telugu: అల్లం (allam)

Green chili in white background

English: Green chili
Telugu: పచ్చి మిరపకాయ (Pachi Mirapakaya)

French beans in white background

English: Green peas
Telugu: పాచి బటానీ (Pachi batani)

Ivy gourd in white background

English: Ivy gourd
Telugu: దొండకాయ (Dondakaya)

Kale in white background

English: Kale
Telugu: కాలీఫ్లవర్ (Kaliphlavar)

Knol khol in white background

English: Knol khol
Telugu: నవిలు కోసం (Navilu kosam)

Lady's finger in white background

English: Lady’s finger (Okra)
Telugu: బెండకాయ (Bendakaya)

Mint leaves in white background

English: Mint leaves
Telugu: పొదినా (Podina)

Mushroom in white background

English: Mushroom
Telugu: పుట్ట గొడుగు (Putta godugu)

Mustard greens in white background

English: Mustard leaves
Telugu: అవ అక్కులు (Ava Akkulu)

Onion in white background

English: Onion
Telugu: ఉల్లిపాయ (ullipaya)

Potato in white background

English: Potato
Telugu: బంగాళాదుంప (bangaladumpa)

Pumpkin in white background

English: Pumpkin
Telugu: గుమ్మడికాయ (gummadikaya)

Radish in white background

English: Radish
Telugu: ముల్లంగి(Mullangi)

Ridge gourd in white background

English: Ridge gourd
Telugu: బీరకాయ(Beerakaya)

Snake gourd in white background

English: Snake gourd
Telugu: పొట్లకాయ (Potlakaya)

Spring onion in white background

English: Spring onion
Telugu: వుల్లి ఉల్లి (Vulli Ulli)

Sweet potato in white background

English: Sweet potato
Telugu: చిలకడ దుంప (Cilakada dumpa)

Tomato in white background

English: Tomato
Telugu: టమాటో (Tamato)

Turmeric in white background

English: Turmeric
Telugu: పసుపు (Pasupu)

Turnip in white background

English: Turnip
Telugu: టర్నిప్లు (tarniplu)

Banana flower in white background

English: Banana flower
Telugu: ఆరతి పువ్వు (Arati Puvvu)

Banana stem in white background

English: Banana stem
Telugu: ఆరతి దూత (Arati Doota)

Beetroot in white background

English: Beetroot
Telugu: బీట్ రూట్ (betrut)

Cabbage leaves in white background

English: Cabbage leaves
Telugu: గోస్ కూరా (Gos Koora)

Carrot greens in white background

English: Carrot leaves
Telugu: గజ్జర్ ఆకు (Gajjar Aaku)

Cauliflower leaves

English: Cauliflower leaves
Telugu: గోబీ ఆకు (Gobi Aaku)

Colocasia leaves

English: Colocasia leaves
Telugu: చామదుంప ఆకు (Chamadumpa Aaku)

Drumstick leaves in white background

English: Drumstick leaves
Telugu: మునగ ఆకు (Munaga Aaku)

Papaya leaves in white background

English: Papaya leaves
Telugu: బొప్పయ్య ఆకు (Boppaya Aaku)

Red chili in white background

English: Red chili
Telugu: ఎండు మిరపకాయలు (Endu Mirapakayalu)

Yam in white background

English: Yam
Telugu: కంద గడ్డ (Kanda Gadda)

We have covered a to z vegetable name in Telugu. If you want to know more about vegetables name, check out the YouTube video below.

Types of vegetables in Telugu

Understanding the types of vegetables helps you easily classify each vegetable and allows you to use them efficiently in your cooking. Here are the common types of vegetables you will find in our list:

  • Root Vegetables (మొక్కజెడులు)
  • Leafy Vegetables (ఆకు పచ్చిల్లు)
  • Stem Vegetables (మొక్క వేరు, స్థ‌
  • Flower Vegetables (పూ వేరు)
  • Fruit Vegetables (పండ్ల వేరు)

These vegetables play a significant role in Telugu dishes by adding flavor and nutritional value and enriching the taste. Popular vegetables used in Telugu cuisine include:

Brinjal (వంకాయ): is a versatile vegetable used in many traditional dishes like guuti vengaya Kura and baigan Batra. It is also known for its benefits, including improving digestion and reducing cholesterol levels.

Drumstick (ములక్కాడ): It is one of the common vegetables found in most Telugu dishes such as Sambar, Pulusu and so on. It has essential nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, making it healthy for eating.

Okra (బెండకాయ): It has a slimy texture, which gives away when cooking. The common recipes include Bendakaya Pulusu and Bhindi masala. The food product is equally high in fiber and low in calorie content, making it a favorite of people who are conscious about their health.

Rare and Exotic Vegetables Name in Telugu

We have added some known vegetables and presented the list of rare and exotic ones. Though one wouldn’t use them frequently in the daily preparation of dishes, they are worth a try for their distinct taste and texture. Here are a few examples from the list:

  • Bamboo Shoots (బామ్బు కొద్దీగ)
  • Dragon Fruit (డ్రాగన్ ఫ్రూట్)
  • Lotus Root (కమల వಸುಂಧರ)
  • Water Chestnut (Jalpampara | జల్‌పంస్‌పర)
  • Winged Beans, Asparagus Peas.

Increase your knowledge of rare and exotic vegetables from the Telugu by browsing our list.


What are Telugu’s most common vegetables’ names and their English equivalents?

Some of the most common vegetables include Tomato (టమాట), Potato (బంగాళదుంప), Onion (ఉల్లిపాయ), Carrot (గాజర), and Cucumber (దోసకాయ). Understanding these names helps in everyday cooking and grocery shopping.

Can you provide a list of leafy vegetables in Telugu with their English names? 

Certainly! Spinach is called Palakura (పాలకూర), Coriander is Kothimeera (కొత్తిమీర), and Fenugreek leaves are Methi (మెంతికూర). These leafy vegetables are essential in Telugu cuisine.

How do you say ‘bitter gourd’ and ‘bottle gourd’ in Telugu?

Bitter gourd is known as Kakarakaya (కాకరకాయ), and bottle gourd is called Anapakaya or Sorakaya (అనపకాయ/సొరకాయ) in Telugu. These vegetables are popular in traditional dishes.

Are there unique Telugu names for exotic vegetables?

Yes, for example, Zucchini is called Zucchini (జుచిని) and Broccoli is known as Broccoli (బ్రొకోలి) in Telugu. While these names may be similar, they reflect the integration of global vegetables into local cuisine.

What are some rare Telugu vegetable names and their uses in cuisine?

Vegetables like Tindora (దొండకాయ) and Chayote (చిలగడ దుంప) are less common. Tindora is used in stir-fries, while Chayote is often added in soups and stews.

How can I learn more about vegetables in Telugu for culinary purposes?

You can explore cookbooks focused on Telugu cuisine, watch cooking shows, or follow food blogs specializing in South Indian cooking. These resources often provide valuable insights into the use of various vegetables.

What are the health benefits of commonly used vegetables in Telugu cuisine?

Many vegetables used in Telugu cuisine, like Okra (బెండకాయ) and Drumstick (మునగకాయ), are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, offering various health benefits like improved digestion and boosted immunity.


After learning their names, you can now easily refer to anyone anywhere in the world. It is not just for helping you get around the market and express yourself but also to draw you closer to the many choices for vegetables around. Why not try out various vegetable types in both languages and let yourself be amazed by their delicious taste?

Therefore, whether it’s for people interested in food, people passionate about home cooking, or anyone who wants to know more about their surroundings, this list of 60+ types from Telugu and English about vegetables will be one’s guide to follow. Have fun finding new kinds of veggies to cook with.

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